Content writer, Researcher, Storyteller
DC, NYC, Remote
What you'll do
At Brainfood, we're on a mission to create the most delightful, educational mobile experience, covering a vast diversity of subject matter. We're looking for exceptional writers that will fearlessly take deep dives in the unknown, hone in on credible sources, critically synthesize findings, and compile learnings into the delightful, micro-lessons our users love. You'll also collaborate with our design team to harness elements of visual storytelling, bringing your narratives to life.
Who you are
An innately curious human with spectacular attention to detail and phenomenal storytelling chops. You'll confidently incorporate elements of research and journalism, tracking down and connecting with experts as needed, to hone in on and synthesize any given topic.

Bonus points if you have a background in history, the sciences, and of course, any form of journalism. Extra bonus points if you've written children's novels or have prior teaching experience.
1. Research and synthesize a wide variety of subjects, citing credible sources and reaching out to experts as needed. Some examples of subjects include: History, sciences, current events, technology, philosophy, the economy, fun facts, and beyond.

2. Condense your learnings into extremely short, educational stories. Lessons range from 3-15 slides in length, with 2-3 sentences per slide. Think of them as the most informative, entertaining, immersive notes you've ever taken.

3. Copy must be concise, jam-packed with juicy information, well paced, humorous when fitting, and entertaining. Unlike a textbook, your challenge is to make learning delightful and friction-free. Every word counts.

4. Collaborate with our visual design team to outline each lesson, creatively offloading any information possible to the visual aspects of the experience.

5. Fact check the final results, making sure all written and visual displays of information are accurate and unbiased.
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Include any work you're most proud of and we'll be in touch.